Firefly DX




  • Hand-held pathogen detection
  • Real-time TaqMan PCR (Industry gold standard)
  • Single-use, disposable cassettes (w/ RFID)
  • Reagents, waste all within cassette – containment, archive
  • Real time, uploaded to phone, computer wirelessly
  • Cloud based data sharing and storage
  • Battery powered and stand-alone portable system
  • Designed for resource limited areas and minimally trained personnel




  • Injection molded
  • All reagents are preloaded and ready to use – stable at room temperature for >12 months
  • RFID chip contains required protocol – no user programming
  • Automatic chain of custody
  • Fast results with high integrity (<30 min)
  • Affordable, disposable & portable
  • Fully automated sample processing
  • All waste and sample is contained



  • Rapid Real-time PCR amplification & automated fluidics
  • Integrated sample purification
  • Microfluidic disposable cartridges
  • Rapid cell lysis, nucleic acid purification
  • Product Differentiators
  • Fast results with high integrity (<30 min)
  • Mobile app for data processing and communication
  • Affordable, disposable, portable
  • Automated and easy to use
  • Small operating footprint
  • Sample Types Processed
  • Whole blood, nasal swabs, buccal swabs, simulated urine, environmental
  • On-site (back of the truck) testing of GMO adventitious presence
  • “Pen-side” diagnostic ability for high-priority and routine animal diseases (e.g. Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome)
  • Rapid and accurate diagnostics on-site for Foreign Animal Disease outbreaks (such as Foot and Mouth Disease Virus)
  • Field diagnostic capability for high-consequence invasive crop diseases
  • Bacteriological testing (Salmonella strains)

Agriculture and Technology:

To feed the world tomorrow you need the right tools today.

seqID is working in conjunction with PositiveID Corp to adapt and bring to market a revolutionary new genomic technology.  Firefly Dx is a portable, wireless, handheld DNA analysis device.  It will allow qPCR analysis of samples on-site (at the dock, on the back of a pickup, etc).  Sample prep required is minimal (suspension in solution and injection into the cassette).


With minimal training, DNA analysis will be able to be performed anywhere with data automatically uploaded to your smart phone or the cloud.