That's how many people will be living on this planet by







"Selected, naturally"


For millennia, farmers instinctively improved crop and animal genetics.

They would save the seed from the best plants in the field for re-seeding next year or keep the best pig in the pen for breeding rather than eating.


This selective pressure accelerated genetic improvement. Later, breeders starting making specific crosses hoping to merge the best qualities of the top lines they had.

Now, modern DNA technology allows us to map these traits, removing much of the guess work. At seqID, we bring new technologies to agriculture to meet the needs of today and prepare for the demands of tomorrow.


"Marker Assisted Breeding"


Another tool in the agricultural science toolbox...


Charles Pick, President, seqID, comments on the use of agri-science, specifically Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)...

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Agriculture and Technology:

To feed the world tomorrow you need the right tools today.

9.7 Billion

How will it be possible to feed them all?


What about climate change?

Drought and urban sprawl are already reducing the amount of arable land available for farming.


Something has to change. 

Do you want to be part of it?