What do we do?


Modern breeding and genomics tools have the power to unlock tremendous value whether that be in corn, cows or cannabis.  seqID can help you navigate through the complexities of the rapidly changing landscape of agricultural technology and deliver maximum return on your R&D investment.  Whether it's selecting the best technologies to accelerate your work, choosing the best partners to complement your research or finding collaborators to expand your scope, seqID can help you get more out of your program.

What is our track record?


From Brazil to Malaysia, the US and EU, seqID has worked closely with clients to map out strategies for their breeding programs and deliver greater value from their genetics.  Examples include:

  • Neogen Corporation - Rapid expansion of genomic testing in the Canadian dairy market
  • Centro de Technologia Canavieira - Led a project with Brazil's largest sugarcane company for the molecular characterization of their BT gene insert
  • Malaysia Biotech Corporation - Development of a turnkey genomics lab to serve Malaysian agriculture
  • BASF Plant Science - Launched and developed external service business for BASF's molecular genomics lab
  • Tierra Agro Tech - Carried out genetic mapping of viral resistance to serve the Indian tomato market




Charles Pick has over 30 years of experience in the agricultural industry (more if you include the summers spent working as a student in breeding nurseries and detasseling corn).  His background is a strong mix of science (molecular genetics) and business (earning a MBA from Queens University).


Starting his career in the forage and turf industry, Charles eventually led the Canadian turfgrass division for the Pickseed Companies Group.  From there he went on to start and head business development for the plant genomics lab at BASF Plant Science, building this into a global service for plant and animal breeders.  He founded seqID as a specialized consulting service in 2014 and its client list quickly grew to include some of the leading agricultural companies in the world.  In 2019, he joined Aurora Cannabis and a year and a half later was leading its science and innovation team.  Over his four years with Aurora, that team developed into the leading cannabis breeding centre in the world and launched the Occo brand of genetics supplying elite cultivars to major cannabis growers.


Through seqID, Charles has built an extensive network of scientists and specialists in the field of agricultural genomics.  Whatever your challenges and needs, seqID can help you meet them quickly and efficiently.